With a strong background in both hospitality and tourism industries, we have created Best Group Rates, a hotel and
    restaurant reseller in the Washington, DC area. We specialize in all kinds of group travel for groups wanting to reserve
    10 rooms or more. For the past seven years, we have helped many happy customers with their accommodations and
    meals. We conduct our business differently from our competitors. Best Group Rates is a division of Hospitality
    Marketing Services (HMS) www.hospitalitymarketingsvs.com owned by Nhairy & Lawrence Corporation. Your group visit
    to Washington, DC starts with Best Group Rates.

    There are thousands of websites out there selling hotel rooms, but what do they know about these hotels? We
    know our hotel and restaurant suppliers personally.

    All of our hotels and restaurant partners in the DC area are located in convenient  locations and offer quality service
    and amenities at reasonable prices to meet your budget. Best Group Rates will not partner with any hotels or
    restaurants before a site inspection of the facility on several occasions.

    So why wait? Call us today and make your next group reservation with Best Group Rates. WE DELIVER WHAT
    WE KNOW.
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Best Group Rates
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Best Group Rates
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