Morocco Destination Management (MDM) is the international division of Hospitality Marketing Services (HMS). Our
staff are Moroccan-American with 25 years experience in the hospitality and tour & travel industry in the US, UK,
and Morocco. We are a member of the American Society of Travel Agencies, African Travel Association and our
parent company is a member of the American Bus Association (ABA) and the National Tour Association (NTA).

MDM's business model is unique because we both represent and work for both tour and travel suppliers and
buyers. We provide sales and marketing to specific hotels and restaurants to target tour and travel segments, but
we also work with anyone interested in travel to Morocco either for leisure or business. We negotiate our supplier
agreements as part of a true partnership rather than a transactional or purely web booking model.  It's Morocco
Destination Management policy to inspect all our hotels and other suppliers periodically ourselves to maintain our
standards. Our customers save time and money with our quality service and flexible terms. We also leverage our
language skills to work with international clients.

We participate in  travel trade shows to promote Morocco and all the marketing materials used are produced by our
marketing team to target the US market.
Morocco Destination Management
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